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At the Tile Gallery, you’ll find that we’re more than a tile store. We have a huge selection of floor materials and services for remodeling and home improvement projects. If you are in search of a brand new carpet for your home or commercial building, come to our store today to see our selection.

Not only do we have a variety of fibers and colors of carpet to choose from, but we also offer to come to your property and install the carpets up to code for you. We have the best selection among wood flooring, tile flooring, and carpet dealers in Keizer, OR.

Here’s why we think carpet can be a great flooring addition for any home:

  • Give your home a soft surface
  • Switch up styles room to room
  • Cozy for guests, pets, and children
  • Quiet and comfortable

Cozy Carpet Materials For Any Room

  • The look and feel of a carpet can be right for any room. While remodeling fads come and go, carpet has always been a comfortable fit for any room in your home–especially bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas of the house that invite relaxation.
  • You don’t want just any color of carpet, either; you want a carpet that says something about you.

carpet dealers keizer or

Check Out Our Carpet Collection

The Tile Gallery boasts a huge selection of carpet designs, fibers, and

Family or Living Room flooring

For most homes, the room where we share time with the family is often the most used space in the house. Shouldn’t it be comfortable?


Make the threshold count. Your sleeping quarters should be special. Promote peace and quiet and get the rest you need with a carpeted bedroom.

With the right idea and a little bit of creativity, carpet can go a long way towards turning just another room into a quiet sanctuary.

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Soft and safe flooring

When it comes to safe surfaces for Keizer, carpet wins. Tile and wood flooring are both elegant and advantageous surfaces in their own, distinct ways. However, for homeowners with children or pets, carpet is the best option.

  • Reduces slipping and falling – Smooth floors tend to be more frequently involved with slips.
  • Soft surface – It’s not foolproof, but carpet’s slight cushion is enough to save some things from getting broken.
  • Pet friendly – We know the kids might enjoy watching Rufus slide into the wall, but pets find carpet easier to deal with.

For homes in need of flooring with some grip or texture to them, carpet is far and away the superior choice.

Carpet Variety for any style home

For homes that have it, carpet is the unsung hero of warmth and comfort. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few types of carpet:

  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Berber
  • Frieze
  • Cut Pile Carpet
  • Saxony Style
  • Cut and Loop

A Cozy Look and Feel For Keizer Home’s

Whether it’s comfort or slip-resistant flooring, carpet is a classic that has a place in any home. For customers shopping at our tile store, our on-the-floor experts are always happy to talk ideas or even set you up with one of our interior designers.

Affiliated with Star Builders, our carpet installation can coincide with other remodeling projects you have. And if you’re looking for additional types of flooring services, we offer anything you need for a new remodeling project: