Granite Countertops Keizer OR

Granite Bathroom Countertops Keizer OR

The Only Place For Granite Countertops In Keizer OR

Far from only stocking tile, The Tile Gallery is a flooring store that also keeps a complete line of granite countertops for those looking to enhance their kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else with sublime new surfacing.

Homes everywhere look at granite as the only countertop that will work. And a lot of the time, we’d have to agree with that.

Between its natural depth of dimension, infinite durability and with patterns that are never the same, there are few kitchens that granite won’t be a good choice for.

Every Piece Of Granite Is Unique

No matter what, granite is always different and always natural. The patterns that granite arrives with are only possible through geologic processes over millions of years. The granite countertops you have in your kitchen likely predate just about every other part of your home, and possibly the ground your home sits on, by a long shot.

Unbeatable Heat Resistance

One of the reasons why granite is a go-to for kitchens everywhere is that it comes with thermal resistance that can’t be beat. While you probably wouldn’t want to, putting a hot pot down on a granite counter will be just fine.


For homes looking for countertops that are virtually indestructible from scratches and scuffs, there isn’t much that holds up like granite.

Boundless Finish

Part of the appeal of natural granite is that it is more likely to come as a full slab of granite instead of smaller pieces bound together.

For homes seeking an option that effortlessly and naturally ties together kitchens and bathrooms counters, granite may be the only choice.

We Can Also Install Your Countertops

The Tile Gallery can also arrange the delivery of your new countertops on the same day that we remove your existing ones. That’s right, our team is set and ready to fully replace your countertops – all from one place.

No other place makes getting countertops so easy:

Shop our selection

Getting your new countertops begins at our tile store. Whether you know what you’re looking for or you want us to help pick out the best granite for your design, we’re ready. Between out on-the-floor contractors and our team of interior design specialists, we can get you going.

Schedule your delivery

After picking out the granite you want, schedule your delivery straight from the showroom floor. Our crew will bring it to your home exactly when it’s needed.

Let us do the installation

Did we mention that getting your new counters also ends at The Tile Gallery? It’s true. The same guys who you order your granite from will also schedule your installation. Your granite will be cut to size, on site, and installed with precision.

Just like there won’t be any ugly gaps in your granite because we’ll be taking care of it, there won’t be any gaps in communication since. That’s what you get by keeping everything in-house at The Tile Gallery.

We also carry a large selection of quartz countertops as well as many other materials and options for you to choose from.

Give us a call and get your granite going today.