Granite Countertops Salem OR

Granite Countertops Salem OR

Go For Granite Countertops

The Tile Gallery doesn’t just stock tile, our flooring store also keeps a full line of granite options for those looking to enhance their kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous new countertops.

Why do people choose granite countertops?

For many homes, the only countertop that will work for their home is granite. And in a lot of cases, we’d have to agree.

Between its signature depth of design, durability and variety of patterns, there are few kitchens that granite won’t be a good choice for.

No Two Granites Are the Same

Every piece of granite is different. Depending on the type, some granites may have higher or lower crystal content and others may come with natural patterns as unique as a fingerprint.

For homes looking to add truly one-of-a-kind character to their counters, granite is the obvious choice.

Superior Heat Resistant

Another reason that makes granite a great choice for active kitchens is that it is one of the most heat resistant options possible for countertops.

Scratch Resistant

Rock beats scissor. It also beats knives, forks and other kitchen utensils that might cause trouble. If you want counters that you don’t have to worry about scratching, nothing holds up as naturally as granite.

Seamlessly Natural

Most people are surprised to find out that aside from cutting, polishing and sealing, granite countertops come exactly as they are found in nature.

For homes seeking an option that harmoniously blends slabs and organically ties together kitchens and bathrooms counters, granite is second to none.

Worried about sealing granite?

Our experts can show you how to take care of your new countertops.

Granite Bathroom Counters Salem OR

Looking for Someone to Install Your Countertops?

For removal of your old countertops, and professional installation of your new granite countertops, The Tile Gallery can arrange the delivery of your new counters exactly when you need them and put them in with precision.

Here’s how we make getting your new countertops a breeze:


The path to new countertops begins by picking out the perfect granite at The Tile Gallery. If you’ve got plans in hand, our team will figure out how much granite is needed. Or if you need a design, our designers are standing by to collaborate with you on a blueprint.
New Granite Countertops Salem OR


The exact granite you choose from our showroom will be delivered at a time that works for you or your project.

Granite countertops are heavy. And not only that, it takes an expert with the right tools to get them cut exactly how you need them.


The final step in getting your new counters is the actual installation.

The Tile Gallery’s very own crew of countertop and tile contractors will come to your home with granite in hand, and put it in with precision.

Did you know?

The size of your granite slab depends on its color. Certain colors of granite don’t form as large as other colors.

Don’t Take It For Granite

Trust your new counters to experts who specialize in granite countertop installation.
Start your design or remodel off right. For the full range of unique granite, quartz and tile options, come down to Tile Gallery to begin your build today.

And for anybody wondering, The Tile Gallery also stocks all the major lines of hardwood flooring and carpets!