Quartz Countertops Salem OR

Countertop Perfection With Quartz Countertops

The Tile Gallery is the perfect place to shop for quartz countertops of any kind.

As one of the hardest materials on earth, quartz countertops are an obvious choice for homeowners who like spending time in the kitchen.

Here’s what makes quartz so popular, and why our flooring store always keeps it in-house:

Wide Variety of Looks

Quartz slabs are available in a range of colors that match just about any kitchen or bathroom.

Stain Proof

For homeowners looking for countertops that are free of stains and free of germs, quartz is the easiest to keep squeaky clean.

Low Maintenance

Quartz also requires virtually NO maintenance. The reason for that is because, unlike granite, quartz comes ready with a permanent seal.

Countertop-tions at The Tile Gallery

The Tile Gallery showroom stays stocked full of nearly every style of quartz countertop. And if we don’t have it in-house, we know where to get it.

  • Crystal-seamed slabs for a look inspired by granite and natural stone.
  • Solid shades of white and black for modern counters that’ll never go out of style.
  • Custom edges for details that make the difference.

Looking for other stylish options for your counters? The Tile Gallery also stocks other stone surfacing options including granite.

Facts About Quartz

    Despite an authentic look, quartz slabs are completely manmade.

    The natural crystal faces found in Quartz always join at a 60° angle.

    Quartz was the west’s answer to jade and historically used in jewelry and decorative vases.

    It’s the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust.

    Quartz is part of what gives granite its signature veins.

    The world’s largest known quartz cluster is 15’ tall and weighs 31,000 pounds.

    Due to its immense strength, some have referred to quartz as Arnold Quartzeneggar.

Questions About Quartz? Our Experts Can Help

Our floor also has another thing in spades – expertise. If quartz seems like the right choice for your countertops but you still have some questions, The Tile Gallery is built on the knowledge of industry experts, tile contractors and countertop installers who have all actually done the work.

Whether your plans are for a new kitchen, a new bathroom or any other home improvement, our friendly staff is always ready to talk about your ideas.

Quartz Counters Salem OR

Start Your Build Off Right

And for customers who want it, our expertise doesn’t have to end at the door. The Tile Gallery can also design, plan and build your new countertop setup. What does that mean for our customers?

With just one trip the store, you can find the countertops you’re looking for from our huge selection AND plan an entire build. Not a bad deal, right?

With one conversation our team can schedule the delivery, and complete installation of your countertops. Our crew will also happily remove your old counters, and design new ones that perfectly match your vision.

As part of the Star Builder family, Tile Gallery gives direct access to an endless supply of countertop and homebuilding materials and a complete construction company all in one place.

Explore our showroom today and find the perfect quartz countertops for your home.

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