Tile Store Salem Or

So Much More Than Just a Tile Store

Tile Store Salem OR
With us, it’s about the customer. That’s why we opened up The Tile Gallery in the first place, and that’s why our goal from the beginning has been to make the homebuilding process as easy as can be.

We carry all the major styles and every major brand. Our flooring store is stocked full of every pattern, every color and every texture of tile, flooring and countertop option.

And if you didn’t know
The Tile Gallery also features the largest selection of glass mosaic backsplash in Salem.

The Tile Gallery began as a tile store to provide customers with an easy place to find their perfect tile and talk to experts – without driving all over town. But we didn’t stop there.

One Remodel Coming Right Up

With The Tile Gallery, customers have the choice of just picking out the materials they need – or using our team to carry their build through to completion.

In just one place, customers can place their order for tile and for the build they want.

As a member of the Star Builders family, Tile Gallery is staffed with experienced craftsmen and designers who can help the vision for your home become a reality.

Whether you just want to browse an endless selection of the modern tile options, or you want to bounce ideas off of our experienced home remodeling experts, The Tile Gallery is the perfect way to start off your home-building experience.

Designers on Deck

Got a designer and blueprints in hand? Not a problem. But if you need some help, we can do that too.

For homeowners who know what they want but don’t quite know how to fit it all together, The Tile Gallery has designers ready to collaborate and bring your home to life.

Streamlined from Start to Finish

The Tile Gallery is unique in that it offers customers that chance to speak with the experts who will have hands-on experience building their home.

Whether you’ve already got a builder for the job, or you need us for the job, The Tile Gallery team are experts in every phase of new construction and remodeling, and know how to coordinate the delivery and scheduling of materials exactly when you need them.

Drop into our shop today.